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SHENA urges Compliance Culture nationwide

PUBLISHED:21 June 2022

The Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) under the theme "Compliance Culture, Today and Tomorrow" participated in the Brunei Mid-Year Conference and Exhibition 2022 Energy Week from 15 - 18 June 2022 to promote the legislations under its mandate and raise awareness on safety and health at the workplace and, radiation matters.

The SHENA pavilion featured a range of showcases, mini lectures and interactive games in an attempt to reach out to the mass public and industry stakeholders on what can be done to improve workplace standards.



SHENA's showcase stations promoted an overview of the Workplace Safety and Health Order, 2009 (WSHO, 2009) and Radiation Protection Act, Chapter 228 as well as the regulations under them to which all workplaces in Brunei Darussalam are required to comply. Iteration on legal duties under the legislations were emphasized which included the requirements for the appointment of Workplace Safety and Health Officer and Workplace Safety and Health Co-ordinator in a workplace.


Safety concerns around lifting management and work at height activities and how these concerns are progressively being addressed through enforcement activities in the form of regulatory inspections and monitoring visits were two of the four national HSE themes (Work at Height, Crane Operations, Asset Integrity, Schools, Government and Commercial Buildings) exhibited by the pavilion.


Another interesting showcase focused on ionizing radiation activities in Brunei Darussalam that featured the JAVA Realtime Online Decision System (JRODOS), radiation portal monitor, hand-held detectors and personal protective equipment (PPE) avail to protect individuals against radiation overexposure through means of predicting radiological plume direction and detect or measure radiation exposure or contamination. As part of the radiological Emergency Preparedness and Response (ERP) capabilities, the equipment will enable SHENA to timely and effectively respond and monitor during routine operations and support first responders in the event of a nuclear or radiological emergency.


SHENA also demonstrated the HSE performance reporting system in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Economy through the Business Reporting Portal that provides a platform for reporting of HSE statistics on incidences at workplace. Supporting this feature is the step-by-step instructions on how to fill in the Initial Incident Notification (IIN) form for reporting incidences in a workplace.



Apart from showcases, a series of mini lectures were delivered to educate and raise awareness to industry stakeholders and members of the public carrying the theme "Compliance Culture, Today and Tomorrow". The topics talked on Prevention of Major Accident and Incident, Enforcement and Compliance Culture, and walked through Resilient Safety Culture in Creating Economic Opportunities.

In line with the MYCE theme on "Inclusive, Resilient and Sustainable Economic Growth", the mini lecture series titled "Resilient Safety Culture in Creating Economic Opportunities" puts prominence on the importance and benefits of legal compliance with good workplace safety and health culture in any workplace. The prospective opportunities for radiation technologies in industries such as oil & gas, health care and agriculture presented by the Compliance and International Division open potential avenues that can support new economic diversification initiatives.


Another series titled "Enforcement and Compliance Culture" presented by SHENA Enforcement Division covered the legislation relating to workplace safety and health, radiation, the common contraventions observed at workplaces in Brunei Darussalam when conducting enforcement activities. This includes types of enforcement actions such as Remedial Order and Stop Work Order.

The "Prevention of Major Accident and Incident" series delivered by the Process Safety Division relate to the management of safety cases in the prevention and mitigation of major accident specifically for Control of Major Accident Hazard (COMAH) facilities such as oil and gas and petrochemical facilities.



All in all, an overview of regulatory investigation and response as well as sharing of the incident statistics to date with learnings from incidents were presented by the Investigation and Response Division. Interactive games promoting safety and health were also conducted with attractive prizes to be given away to winners.


Coming back to SHENA's theme of "Compliance Culture, Today and Tomorrow", all agencies, industries and individuals are encouraged to play a part in making Brunei Darussalam a safe place to work and live in achieving the Wawasan 2035 goal of World Class Health and Safety.