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Build a better Brunei through HSE compliance

PUBLISHED:08 November 2019

The Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) held an event under the umbrella of its Outreach Programme entitled ‘Better Be Safe Than Sorry, The Shena Story’ and reached out to the construction businesses class 3, 4, 5 and 6 registered with the Ministry of Development and Authority for Building Control and Construction Industry (ABCi) who are keen to collaborate and build a better Brunei through HSE compliance.

A total of 144 participants attended the event at the Ministry of Development Training Centre in Bandar Seri Begawan.

The event focussed on promoting the importance of workplace safety, health and environment matters in the construction industry. The forum sought to guide and advise construction businesses on construction safety issues and the value they bring in raising their profiles and creating business opportunities when they comply with workplace safety, health and environment laws.

Employers, occupiers and principals involved in construction-related activities were reminded of their accountability under the Workplace Safety and Health Order, 2009 and were advised to review their safe operating and management practices and to ensure they utilise good industry practices and maintain suitable and safe systems at their worksites.

SHENA conducted open HSE forums targetting industries and the public. It aims to broaden the reach for HSE awareness through more forums and awareness campaigns. SHENA will continue to engage stakeholders as well as the public in pursuit of its mission to make Brunei Darussalam a safe place to work and live.