nitial Incident


SHENA cautions against the unathorised use and possession of radioactive materials and radiation emitting equipment (controlled apparatus)

PUBLISHED:15 August 2020

The Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) urges all relevant entities in Brunei Darussalam to apply for a radiation licence to adhere with the safety requirements of the Radiation Protection Order, 2018.


While radioactive materials and radiation emitting equipment (controlled apparatus) have many beneficial applications, ranging from the oil and gas and the power sector, to uses in medicine, industry, security and agriculture, they may also pose serious safety and security concerns in the event of any incident due to negligence or malicious acts. The implications of these incidents include immediate casualties, long term radiation related health issues, psychological effects as well as negative economic impacts.  Due to their hazardous nature, it is pertinent that SHENA through the Radiation Department ensures that such materials and equipment are regulated and assessed before they can be used in Brunei Darussalam.


Companies and organisations that wish to engage in carrying out activities involving radiation and have radiation workers are legally required to apply for registration and/or licence and will undergo rigorous assessment before being approved by the Radiation Department at SHENA. This is to prevent any other unintended consequences to the workers, public and environment when handling radioactive materials and radiation emitting equipment (controlled apparatus).


SHENA strongly emphasises that any individual or company caught breaching the law is liable on conviction to a fine between the range of BND1,000,000 and BND10,000,000 and imprisonment for a term between one year and five years.


In accordance with the Radiation Protection Order, 2018, every licensee shall exercise and perform their due diligence to ensure that its employees and members of the public are not subject to undue risks to their health or safety arising from the conduct of radiation activities. Radiation Department may perform enforcement activities to ensure compliance to licences and/or the law from time to time.


Further information concerning the licence application of radiation activities and registration of radiation workers can be found at the SHENA official website via Any enquiries may be directed to or +673 238 2000 ext. 108.