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SHENA marks first-year anniversary by launching social media platform

PUBLISHED:16 September 2020

6 October 2019 marks the first-year anniversary of the establishment of the Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA), a statutory body by the Safety, Health and Environment National Authority Order, 2018 and enforced in April 2017.

The establishment gives SHENA the mandate to regulate and enforce all matters relating to workplace safety and health, environment as well as radiation in Brunei Darussalam.

According to a SHENA press release, in commemorating the first-year anniversary of its establishment, SHENA has launched its social media platform on Instagram and Facebook.

The social media presence allows SHENA, as the national regulator, to interact with stakeholders and the public to ensure transparency while creating a top notch HSE culture in Brunei Darussalam.

News, events, guidance and information pertaining to Safety, Health, Environment and Radiation matters via the social media platform can now be found at SHENA’s Instagram and facebook account

As part of its outreach programme, SHENA has planned to conduct a number of open HSE forums and conferences targetting industries and the general public. An HSE awareness campaign is also in the pipeline and will be extended to students nationwide in the near future.

SHENA is committed to making a difference and ensuring Brunei Darussalam is a safe place to work and live in; maintaining a robust fit for purpose national safety, health and environmental regulatory framework; and ensuring that risks to people, assets and the environment are controlled in compliance with laws and regulations set by the government, implemented by those who create the risk and underpinned by continuous improvement.

SHENA’s operations include but not limited to inspections, investigations, issuance of safety case certificates and industry guidance and advice.

Its operations are governed by the four key SAFE principles – Structured: a structured legal framework with a risk-based approach; Auditable: accountable for our actions as a regulator; Focussed: across all our interactions with all our stakeholders; and Engaged: open, transparent and respectful in all our discussions written or otherwise.

Published by Borneo Bulletin on Sunday, 6 October 2020