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SHENA issues Workplace Safety Notice to construction sites to improve work practices and ensure safety of workers

PUBLISHED:07 July 2021

The Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) has released a Workplace Safety Notice (WSN) entitled "GUIDANCE CONCERNING INSTALLATION OF EDGE PROTECTION AND PERIMETER GUARD-RAILING AT WORKSITES IN BRUNEI DARUSSALAM" stressing that those responsible for construction activities in Brunei Darussalam ensure the highest levels of protection are provided to persons at worksite, particularly when engaged in activities involving work at heights. This year, SHENA has received two reports involving fatalities related to fall from heights where lack of adequate supervision and risk management measures have been identified as contributing factors.


The WSN aim to provide guidance to all principals, occupiers, employers, employees and self-employed persons concerning the installation of edge protection and perimeter guard-railing at all construction worksites in Brunei Darussalam in order to ensure the reduction of incidents involving fall from heights and being hit by falling objects.


With immediate effect, all principals, occupiers, employers and employees are to ensure that relevant safety measures be taken to protect workers onsite and to prevent any undue safety or health impact to the public as well as to remind all relevant stakeholders of the provisions contained under the Workplace Safety and Health (Construction) Regulations, 2014.


SHENA Inspectors will continue to undertake inspections and monitoring visits to workplaces, in particular worksites where construction activities are being conducted. Appropriate enforcement actions will be taken for non-compliance of required safety measures, as provided for under the Workplace Safety and Health Order, 2009.


Further guidance on construction safety matters is available at the SHENA website and should be referred to whilst planning and undertaking any construction related work activities.


Safety is everyone's responsibility and requires continuous joint effort from everyone. Urgent awareness across the public is required to encourage the development of a safety intervention culture in Brunei Darussalam. Members of public are encouraged to support SHENA by raising awareness when unsafe situations are determined which may endanger the lives of persons at work. Intervention can be as simple as asking a polite question or raising concern to the workers.

Should there be any questions concerning this guidance or if you wish to report any unsafe situations that occur at workplaces, please contact SHENA at +673 238 2000 or email SHENA would like to thank all stakeholders for their cooperation in ensuring Brunei Darussalam is a safe place to work and live.

Published by Borneo Bulletin on Saturday, 3 July 2021