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Certified COMAH Facilities

How to Apply FRN for COMAH Fees


Please send email to SHENA Finance Department and request for a Finance Registration Number (FRN), with the following details:

Details of the Company:
  1. Company Name (in full): 
  2. Address: 
  3. Contact Person Name: 
  4. Email of the Contact Person: 
  5. Email of C.C.: 
  6. Telephone & Fax No: 

Details of the Facility / Premise / Activity:
  1. Facility Name: 
  2. Facility Type: 
  3. Activity (if any): 
  4. Purpose of requesting FRN: 

Send the above details to:
West Asset Unit22/6/202020/12/2024
Onshore Processing Plant12/6/202011/7/2025
Brunei Shell Refinery30/4/202014/3/2025
Darat Asset Unit13/4/202010/2/2025
Methanol Plant23/12/201911/12/2024
LNG Plant20/12/201924/12/2024
MLJ 1, MLJ 2 and MLJ 321/11/201911/10/2024
PMB Refinery and Petrochemical16/8/201915/8/2024
BSM Aviation Depot10/4/20199/4/2024
East Asset Unit22/2/201722/2/2022
Muara Terminal19/1/201619/1/2021
Sapura Pelaut18/8/202017/9/2021
SRD 130/7/20204/8/2021
Maersk Convincer21/7/20206/8/2021
JO3 Workover Rig6/7/202017/7/2021
Rig E12A & E12B16/6/202016/5/2021
Sapura Alliance3/4/20206/4/2021
Deepwater Nautilus17/1/202016/1/2021
Sapura Esperanza11/10/201910/10/2020
Deep Driller 518/9/201925/9/2020Pending certification (New validity 25th Sept 2021)
Belait CSS 212/8/20203/9/2021
ICON Kayra7/8/202029/6/2021
MMA Pride13/7/202026/8/2021
Crest Athena 213/7/202031/8/2021
Blue Titanium22/6/202010/7/2021
Seven Eagle9/6/202012/6/2021
MV Berani15/5/202016/5/2021
Nautical Aisya21/4/202027/4/2021
ICON Valiant15/4/20202/2/2021
Lewek Conqueror13/4/202013/3/2021
Salvin Topaz13/4/202013/4/2021
POSH Elegance7/4/20208/5/2021
Crest Centurion 218/3/202026/3/2021
​Belait CSS 111/2/202013/2/2021
Go Aliya11/2/202010/2/2021
POSH Endurance23/12/201931/1/2021
Salvin Princess18/12/201917/12/2020Revalidation of Safety Case is in progress
Crest Athena 11/10/201925/10/2020Pending certification (New validity 25th Oct 2021)
Sapura 3000Revalidation of Safety Case is in progress
Sapura 1200Revalidation of Safety Case is in progress
MMA PrivilegePending certification (Validity 1st Sept 2021)