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Workplace Safety and Health Co-Ordinator

WSH Co-Ordinator Application Forms

Workplace Safety and Health Co-Ordinator's New & Renewal Application Form

Workplace Safety and Health Co-Ordinator's Replacement Form

Process Flow for the new WSH Co-Ordinator Registration
Process flow for approval of new application here

Criteria for Approval of WSH Co-Ordinator

The criteria for approval to act as a WSH Co-Ordinator shall be, but not limited to the following:

An individual:

1. who is at least 21 years old;

2. must be a Brunei Citizen, Permanent Resident or a person to whom an Employment Pass (employed by the company) has been issued;

3. must possess a minimum qualification in the form of a relevant HSE Training Course. The relevant HSE Training Courses that are recognised are as follows:

  • Institution of Occupational Safety (IOSH) - Managing Safely;
  • National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health Award (NEBOSH); and
  • Other qualifications and practical qualifications which in the Authority's opinion renders him/her competent to act as a WSH Co-Ordinator.

4. must be sufficiently competent and a fit and proper person to carry out the work of the Workplace Safety and Health Co-cordinator;

5. must possess at least two (2) years of practical experience relevant to the work to be performed by a WSH Co-Ordinator e.g. construction, health and safety officer, etc.; and

6. may have to attend an interview at SHENA for further assessment on their suitability to be a WSH Co-Ordinator.

​Procedure for Applicants
All applicants are required to submit the following documents only:

1. Completed WSH Co-Ordinator Form

2. One passport-sized photo (must be taken within the last three months with white background) of the nominated WSH Co-Ordinator;

3. Recent resume of applicant highlighting practical experience relevant to the work to be performed by a WSH Co-Ordinator;

4. Copy of NRIC/Passport of the nominated WSH Co-Ordinator; and

5. Copy of qualifications such as NEBOSH Award, IOSH Certificate or its equivalent and other Certificates.

All applications shall be submitted to the SHENA WSH CO-ORDINATOR general email at (soft copy only). Any other methods of submission will not be entertained. Incomplete applications will be automatically rejected.  Please be informed that there are currently no fees imposed under the law for applications for WSH Co-Ordinators until further notice.

How long it takes?

Up to 8 weeks, after you submit all required documents