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Workplace Safety and Health Officer

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List of Registered WSH Officers
List of Registered Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Officers (Last updated: September 1st, 2023)

Industry Guidance Note (IGN) : Workplace Safety and Health Officer & Workplace Safety and Health Co-Ordinator Requirements, Work Experience and Continuing Professional Development Expectations

Fees for WSH Officer Registrations

1. New Application

BND$ 110.00

2. Renewal Application

BND$ 60.00

3. To replace a Certificate of Approval

BND$ 10.00 per Certificate to be replaced

Important Notes

Who can apply

Company representative / Focal point


2 years (renewable)

  • An individual who is at least 21 years old and employed in Brunei Darussalam;

  • Fit and proper person to carry out the work of the WSH Officer;

  • Has obtained:

    • Minimum qualification of NEBOSH IGC in Occupational Health & Safety; OR equivalent

    • Equivalent qualification include:

      • Diploma and Advanced Diploma (HND), Degree, Master, PhD in Occupational Health and Safety

      • Master of Science in Safety, Health and Environment Technology

      • Bachelor of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety

      • Bachelor of Science in Human Factors in Safety

      • Bachelor of Science in Safety, Health and Environmental Management

      • Any relevant academic qualifications (Engineering Degree, etc.) to support the application, certificate copy to be provided.

  • Has at least a minimum of two (2) years of practical experience relevant to the work to be performed by the WSH officer;

  • Has other qualifications and practical qualifications which in the Authority's opinion render him/her competent to act as a WSH Officer; and

  • The WSH Officer must be present and active on site.

  • The applicant may be required to attend an interview at SHENA for further assessment on their eligibility to be a WSH Officer